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To get to the point we will have to explain what affiliate marketing is, in addition we will need to explain what referral marketing is. To start off with, you will learn about affiliate marketing. When you own a company or organization that needs to be promoted or marketed you can use people to refer other people to use your website, or offline business. This is a marketing strategy that have been proven, tried and tested, and it is an easy way of generating more daily sales. The thing with affiliate marketing is that when you make a sale through one of you affiliates you will need to pay that person a percentage of what you have made on the sale. The going rate for affiliates doing affiliate marketing nowadays is about 20 - 60 percent of the item price. Most of the time companies will start affiliates on a 20 percent commission and move them up when the sales starts picking up. An affiliate program is a must if you are looking to generate traffic for your site and heighten your daily sales.

Referral marketing, as apposed to affiliate marketing, is the cheapest method of sales and marketing and companies and organization the world over are adopting this priceless sales method. Many of these companies will admit that since they have adopted the referral marketing method their sales have gone up by more than 60 percent and is still growing. To describe referral marketing to you, it is safe to say that it is a way of using your current clients to generate a new database of clients for you and your company. To have a successful referral marketing plan you need lots of business cards and loyal clients you can hand you business cards out to. In turn you client will take your cards and hand them out to close friends and family, and for any successful referral they make they will get paid $20. You could even take this a bit further and motivate these people by offering $5 for every referral they make and an extra $20 for every referral you sign up. This way they will be more careful when referring people to your company. This method work best for sales and marketing, the reason being that people trust friends and family when it comes to business, so you will always be getting trusted leads.

There is only one difference between referral marketing and affiliate marketing that is that online affiliate marketers get paid on a commission basis for each person they refer. Whereas referral marketers get paid a set amount for every referral they make or every referral they bag and tag for your company. This is a slight difference and is considered this because when you adopt the referral marketing method of sales you can offer many thing other than money to the people you use for referrals, like shopping vouchers, discounts on a meal, prizes, or you could even go as far as turning it into a competition, which makes affiliate marketing a more developed version of referral marketing.

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When you are young and restless, it’s the best time to start a business in today’s world.
Look around, and you’ll be amazed by how young millionaires could be nowadays, and how many people are start enjoying early retirement life in their own ways.
What does it takes to be able to retire young retire rich ? Why is your youth your advantage when it comes to starting a business?

Young and Restless, The Real Golden Years
Millions of people are living in fear because they followed conventional wisdom: Go to school, get a job, work hard, save money, buy a house, get out of debt, and invest for the long term in a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds. They need a new plan.
If retire young retire rich is such a good idea,why should not we go for it?
If you could observed clearly, many people gain their success earlier in life nowadays. Look at people such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (DELL), Milton Hershey (Hershey Candy/Chocolates), Fred Smith (Fedex), Steve Jobs (Apple), William Hewlett and David Packard (HP) and many thousands of other young people who started business and became successful.
2 of the main reasons why millionaires are becoming younger and younger are:
1. Qualifications Barrier
Entrepreneurs don’t need degrees like lawyers and doctors do. They are credentialed by virtue of their track record.
2. Information Age
The rules have changed. We are no longer living in the industrial age, even though we still have industrial age businesses and people around (the same goes with agriculture). Today, the one who rules are the one who knows how to fully utilize and monetize informations (look at Google and Facebook).
Young entrepreneurs are not anomalies. They are just ordinary people like you and me.
If you want to retire young retire rich, you must first breakthrough the mindset, your young and restless age is the best time for business, and is your real golden years in life, not the conventional media portrait for the retirement aged of 55 or above.

5 Reasons Why Young and Restless is Best Time for Business
Here is your realistic A-list of why starting a business at your youth is an advantage:
1. Young and Energetic
When you are too energetic, you exceed your expectations pretty easily. It is hard to missed your target or perform below your expectation. People expect less from young people, and you can easily outperform the expectations, making name for yourself with the media.
2. Little Competition
How many youths in your peers or your neighborhood are entrepreneurs? Many people are still following the old financial advice for their life even today. Accomplishment during the college years are more impressive than those in your working years.
3. Resources
Many governments, non-profit organization and individual agencies are supporting youth entrepreneurship nowadays. There are handful of resources over the internet for your research and study, and access to informations you could never imagine years back.
4. Low Liabilities
When you are still young and studying, it’s most likely you have your income stream from your family. And some of you may have the scholarship or sponsorship for survival the college age. It is something you can always fall back on. You probably won’t be starving or lose your mortgaged house in the process if you failed.
5. Top Performance
When you are not so connected to the real world, it is most likely your perspective on the world is fresh. You are able to see many opportunities that haven’t been exploited. You have the chances to seize the unique opportunities and capitalized on them when you are still young. You could be working on something you are passionate about more than 10 hours a day, without feeling really tired.
You hold in your hand the power to make a rich life for you and your loved ones. And now you know that when you are young and restless, it is the best time for business.

Still, you think the names and corporations mentioned above are too big for you. How about refer to’s 30 Under 30: America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs (they seems more closer to the ordinary people):

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例子[1]現年29歲的唐納利(Stuart Donnelly),一度是英國最年輕國家彩票頭獎得主,12年前贏得200萬鎊(約馬幣1078萬令吉)彩金,唐納利中獎後即捨下他週薪60鎊(約馬幣323令吉)的藥劑實習生工作,放棄正在修讀的藥劑課程,開始大花筒生活。他請朋友到泰國旅行、花約48萬令吉買下大屋給已離婚的母親居住,並為自己買下豪華別墅,照顧患有小兒麻痺症的父親,又向醫治他患有基因錯亂弟弟的醫院捐款約78000令吉,至於向叔伯輩贈錢更是等閒。此後疑因抵受不住暴發壓力,多年來活得不開心,最後更變成隱蔽青年,週四(17日)被發現死於蘇格蘭家中,遺下本於數週後與他結婚的未婚妻。

例子[2]:英國女孩羅傑斯(Callie Rogers2003年僅16歲時,贏得190萬鎊(約馬幣1024萬令吉)彩金後,開始揮金如土的生活,為自己和家人買了4棟房子,花了30多萬鎊旅行,又買車、買禮物、幫親朋還債。6年多過去,她曾沉淪毒海並花了許多獎金在毒品上,並因感情等問題試過3次自殺,生活得極不快樂。現在的羅傑斯已幾近破產,她賣掉了房子,搬回與母親同住,同時打三份工。她坦言:我寧願從來沒中過獎

例子[3]:英國失業漢伍德(Doug Wood1996年中了3280萬港元(約馬幣1423萬令吉)彩票,7年後大部份彩金被賭掉或送給他人,他最後猝死家中。


例子[5]:英國前保安員羅伯特斯(John Roberts1998年贏得4330萬港元(約馬幣1878萬令吉),一度擁有40架車,但最終揮霍過度,住所被銀行收回,婚姻破裂,現還欠債2萬鎊(約馬幣107800令吉),要住流動房屋。


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[Business Education]建议:
一夜致富的好与坏,取决于个人的思维模式。如果,平日的你没有理财知识,一夜致富绝对是你人生的海啸前兆。[Business Education]鼓励广大的读者,在得到突如其来的财富时,先定下心来,好好规划自己的暴富奖金。然后,在得到奖金后,要无时无刻地自观自己的贪憎痴


要记得:奖金只是数字,而真正的财富是你本身的价值与诚信。奖金的数目会随着你的不断地购买负债,而付之东流。要不断地享有真正的富裕,你所要做的是建立起您的Money Machines(资产),让它们为你工作,为您带来源源不绝的金钱数字。


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